About Us

SotoTennis Academy (STA) was opened in June 2010 by Dan Kiernan, Vicki Kiernan and Nick Morgan. Over the last 10 years SotoTennis Academy has become one of Spain’s most renowned Tennis Academies, located in the exquisite Sotogrande. Dan a former British number 1 doubles player spent four and a half years at Louisiana State University on a tennis scholarship before playing on the Professional Tour for three years.

Our team of expert coaches deliver individualised programmes to players in a robust team environment. Each player whilst receiving the many benefits of our strong team unity will have their own lead coach who manages the team around them. Ensuring ultimate accountability for success on and off the court. The lead coach will ensure that each individual has the private tuition, sparring, physical programme and sport science support they need in line with goals set.

We offer packages on a full-time basis, with availability for access players and access groups to join the team.

We are proud to offer a unique balance of tennis and education programmes thatare available while year-round training takes part on European red clay courts and American-style hard courts. Many players have graduated from studies and gained scholarships with American Universities, insert link to college success stories allowing their studies and tennis to continue.

SotoTennis Academy works closely with many partners to offer the best experiences for our players:

Sotogrande International School – Elite sports programme education,

Mentally Tough Tennis – Sports Psychology,

Tennis Smart – American University Scholarship support,

Jorge Espada – Sports Physiotherapy.

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide an environment that inspires and enables individuals to maximise their own potential through hours of hard work and dedication.

The aim is for our professional players to become self-sufficient and grow in their own way, while being a part of team. Players are encouraged to work together which we believe can only be a good thing in what is already an incredibly tough sport. We will give them the tools and resources to make these improvements, but ultimately, we allow our players to take the lead, so that they learn.

‘Controlling the controllables’ is where we will focus all our energy to help players create more of a long-term perspective on their tennis.

Each player that walks through our doors, and plays on the tour with an STA badge, will hopefully be recognised as a hardworking, well-mannered individual who has done everything they can to achieve their goals. We are embedding our Growth and 6 P’s daily behaviours which players and coaches developed together.