Lloyd Glasspool moves into the World’s Top 10 ATP Doubles

Posted on: May 22, 2023 |

Tennis is a relentless sport: multiple tournaments every week, the striving for the next event, the next feeling, and for many, the pressure of the next dollar, the next compliment, and justification for why we play. Anyone who stays in the game beyond the age of 18 deserves a massive pat on the back. You have shown persistence, perseverance and, in turn, learned a hell of a lot in terms of life lessons.

But do we really understand the challenges of the sport? Unless we have been close to a player’s journey, it is sometimes hard to truly understand the magnitude of the challenge. Yet, when we ‘achieve’, we often don’t stop and positively reflect on what we have accomplished, as we are off again on our next pursuit…

So, this blog post is about stopping and reflecting on a 20+ year journey for Lloyd Glasspool, and all the amazing people who have helped him on that journey. None more so than his parents, Sian and Neil, and the Warwickshire coach that started it all for him, Claire Williamson. We also have to mention STA Director Dan Kiernan, who has been a big part of Lloyd’s journey for almost 20 years, including when Lloyd was a Full Time Player at SotoTennis Academy.  

But most importantly, this is for Lloyd, who today moved into the World’s Top 10 ATP Doubles Players after his win in Bordeaux last week. An astonishing achievement, and yes, as current coach Dan says, “it’s only the start…”

Lloyd – keep striving, keep growing – but we want to take this moment to say a massive congratulations on this achievement from all of us at SotoTennis Academy. 

And of course, even though he is an old hand at this now, a big well done to Harri Heliövaara on regaining his place back in the Top 10.

All the best to Lloyd, Harri and Dan at Roland Garros!

Keep building boys, but don’t forget how far you have come.

Listen to Lloyd and Harri’s Control The Controllables podcast episode here

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